Spirit Dance Troupe

With a focus on Native American Dance, ecology, music, drumming, storytelling, performing,

and dances from the tribal diaspora. 

Club Sponsor: Iyah Míchelle

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Iyah Míchelle brings her love and knowledge of music, dance, and expression-through-movement to Jordan Glen!

As an ‘extracurricular’ activity, Iyah will be offering a dance class every Wednesday after school.


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Here’s what you should know about the class (adjustments will be made as we deem practicable):

  1. Class is open to all ages and dance levels. If there is enough interest, the class may eventually separate into two or more levels.

  2. Fee is $100 per participant per 10-week session, paid to Jordan Glen. No prorations or refunds will be given.

  3. Class will begin promptly at 4pm and end class at 5:15. Children are welcome to stay at JG Aftercare before and after class at no additional charge. Older students are expected to help supervise during Aftercare and to be a positive example, as always, for the younger children.

  4. Students will receive a snack to recharge their batteries before dancing.

  5. Dancers usually have the opportunity to perform throughout the year at Jordan Glen and public events.

  6. The class may include periodic guest teachers / assistants, including JG Alumni!

  7. Classes may involve dance, percussion, and more!

Iyah’s classes often take inspiration from diverse musical and cultural backgrounds – from traditional to pop – and her passion and focus lean heavily toward African-Diaspora and other native musical and dance traditions, from the Americas and all around the globe.

Class starts Wednesday!

Please make sure your child wears comfortable clothes to class in which they can move freely.

Iyah Míchelle is looking forward to dancing with your children as much as they are looking forward to dancing with her!

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